A walk from the wild edge with Jake Tyler.

by | Jun 8, 2021

A few years ago this lovely man walked into our life. Overall he spent about 18 months walking into many strangers lives. He visited us twice as he walked/ ran around Britain and on his second visit he told me he had a book deal from penguin. ‘Thats amazing we will have to do a Barefoot Talk when that happens I said.

That book did happen, and you may have seen my face appearing alongside Jake on the telly , as she’s had lots of coverage over the last few months.

But of course covid 19 happened too and so a Barefoot Talk hasn’t been possible. We took to zoom instead and recorded it as an audio. The timing feels more apt than ever, as so many more people relate to burnout, anxiety and life throwing curveballs.

Jake’s book is so honest, real and incredibly inspiring. It contains so many gems. One in particular he shared with me made some decisions I made when I was overwhelmed in my late 20’s, make much more sense. he talks about three cups, which are the success cup, the overwhelm cup and the step back cup. I stepped back during an intense work period in my career back then when I felt I was being pulled apart with overwhelm. Misunderstood, overwhelm makes us feel like we are not enough. a thought I have battled with my whole life. I’m nicknaming this part of jakes story as ‘the 3 cups’ and I’ve been sharing it with my coaching clients already. With one client, the relief was palpable. I’m sure they will be using it for a long time to come.

So this is our conversation about his incredible journey, his hero’s quest. Listen in two parts or back to back and I’d love to hear your take aways. you can get Jakes book on amazon or all online book sellers and he has it on Audible too. find him on instagram

psst….Tickets are now on sale for our summer solstice events. Numbers are limited due to guidelines with only seven all day passes available for early bookers. There are four events in total and you can read all about them via this link.

This is going to be a special day for us as we reopen so we do hope you can join us.

With love and thanks



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