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The Barefoot Sanctuary Founded by Life Coach Bernadette Petrie, The Barefoot Sanctuary is a spiritual centre of creativity and healing. we believe that loving and cherishing who we are is essential and is our number one responsibility. By doing so we give ourselves permission to shine and thats a win win for all concerned. 

Join Bernadette Petrie and The Barefoot Sanctuary Collective – a team of like-minded coaches, authors, creatives, yoga teachers, counsellors, therapists for experiences either taking place in the The Barefoot Sanctuary itself, outside in North Berwick’s beautiful green spaces and beaches, or online at www.thebarefootsanctuary.co.uk

Meet Bernadette Petrie 

Bernadette Petrie Creator of The Barefoot Sanctuary. Originally from Northern Ireland, I moved to Scotland in 1992 after my studies in England. The ‘Scottish’ boyfriend became my husband. A career in sales and marketing later and new found motherhood, the beach pulled me and my family to live in North Berwick in 2005.

My whole perspective changed in 2010 and I subsequently became a Life Coach. I am passionate about helping people practice mindfulness and follow their intuition.We now have two teenagers heading into the big world hopefully following theirs. 

Spending much more time barefoot in nature and diving into the Scottish sea brought me back to my true self and set me on a path of spiritual awakening. 

I created The Barefoot Sanctuary in 2014 and I published my first book, Permission To Shine in 2019.

In 2020 at the same time as lockdown, I experienced dealing with breast cancer. This has given me another reminder of the importance of healing, and resting to produce restoration. My intuition guides daily, sometimes it’s hard to listen, but following my Soul’s core desires means everything and I’m committed to walking the walk.

The Core Desires leading me today are compassion, patience and joy. 

Are you ready to come on a barefoot journey with us too?

Read on to meet the rest of the amazing Barefoot Sanctuary collective….

Covid-19 Safety at The Barefoot Sanctuary

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