Closing the door…

by | Nov 12, 2021

Dear Barefoot reader

Today, change is at the door as I make space for new hopes and dreams. The result being that the wellbeing centre formerly known as The Barefoot Sanctuary is closing in it’s current form.

As a being on light on a human journey (you are too by the way) I’ve had quite a roller coaster few months. For those that have read my blog from when it began in 2012 you have journeyed with me as I navigate this thing call life with an eyes wide open perspective. But this summer was a doozy and once again I came face to face with my own mental health challenges. To say it’s given me time to pause and reflect is an understatement. There will be many nuggets of wisdom in the experience, but if I’m honest I’m still licking my wounds as I heal and processing.

In this changing time, I was still very keen to secure the space for ‘well being’ and am delighted to share that one of the former practitioners Katy Wakefield will be taking the reins as she creates her own wellbeing centre. I know mental health is important in Katy’s focus, and I wish her every success..

I want to finish by thanking every single person who ever came through the sanctuary door bringing their light into focus during it’s seven and a half years whilst hopefully discovering that the real barefoot sanctuary lies within each of us.

with love until the next time

Bernadette x


  1. Harley Loudon

    ah gorgeous woman big big hugs xxx

  2. Jo

    Good luck with whatever the future holds, Bernie. Eyes open, heart open, onwards and beyond. Jo xxx

  3. Mary

    Sorry to hear , and I hope all is well with you, with love 💕

  4. Karina Miller

    Wishing you all the best with your next chapter in life Bernie.


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