Is the Universe nudging you?

by | Apr 2, 2021

A little story from my week which I hope will inspire.

I’l be releasing these on Friday just in time for the weekend. Here’s the first one I hope you enjoy.

with love

By the yard its hard but Inch by inch its a cinch . Zig Zigler

Once you’ve listened, I’d love to hear what the Universe is nudging you to do.

I’ve been painting a lot recently. My inner child loves it and I’m finding that its making me feel so good. l’ll be bringing it into my work more and more as we emerge from Lockdown (yes that swirl, is one of my inner child’s creations, and yes of course, she tells me- it’s the Universe!)

If you want to find out what your inner child is dying to create and If working with me in the way feels intriguing I’d love to hear from you, and keep an eye out for some upcoming experiences.

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