When I leave my shoes at the door I know I will be helped to find my feet again once more, and when I’m barefoot outside it reminds me of how I came into the world..when I was at my strongest.

Pauline George

Working with Bernadette was like being taken under the wing of a mother bird & letting her show me with bundles of love how to fly from the nest. I wholeheartedly trusted that her guidance & wisdom was coming from a place that my mind has yet to fathom. She was speaking to my soul, & it was a much needed conversation! I once heard a whisper to step into my soul’s purpose, & thanks to her, I slowed right down. My only purpose is to “be”, & she gave me this permission, which I couldn’t give myself. So much gratitude & love to her & her work, which goes beyond these words.

Jaspreet Garg.

As a practitioner I really like the Barefoot Sanctuary space. The energy in the building is very calm and relaxing. Every time I am there I feel safe, comfortable and focused.

I am enjoying being a part of The Barefoot Sanctuary team so much. I feel motivated, inspired, supported and be able to be me. Exactly the feelings which everyone needs on their journey to better, happier and more whole self.

Kamila Sokolowski

When I first arrived at the Barefoot Sanctuary, I immediately felt like I had found the warm and welcoming community that I was looking for.

Bronwyn Mccaskill

The guided meditation bernadette takes you on, goes really deep. I remember at the time feeling that it was going to impact my life and I believe it has. It’s like really meeting your true self. One of the cards I chose was ‘do what you love and others will follow’. I’ve got the card above my desk and this still impacts on how I live my life today.

Hannah Buchan. Life Coach.

Permission to Shine is a powerful combination of memoir and personal development. Bernadette selflessly shares her own story as a way of validating the struggles we all face – and inspires us to rise beyond them to fulfil our potential to be light, free and fulfilled. I love the layout of the book – with 60 thoughts that invite you to dip in and out regularly to be inspired and reminded of who you truly are. This book will make you laugh, cry and reflect. Above all it will resonate and inspire you to shine!

Emma J Bell Author, Resilience Expert, Coach.

I come to the Barefoot sanctuary to find me, afterwards I always feel more like myself again.

Kelly Clarke.

I’ve never been so engrossed in a book like this one! It’s truly inspirational from beginning to end and makes you think twice about looking at things in a different light. It’s helped me so much recently and I think everyone needs this book in their life! Reading this outdoors and indoors is special!

Caroline Main

Permission to Shine is 60 ways that helps us to explore our own lightness and darkness and to love both in equal measure. This book made me smile so deeply from within, I understand myself a little better and look forward to a deeper appreciation and understanding of the humanness’ in others too.Thank you Bernadette for sharing your light with the world.

Lisa Johnson

I loved this book. Personal, honest and insightful. The bite sized chapters meant I flew this book and came away with useful reminders and prompts about how to live a more mindful, positive and fulfilling life.
Thank you x

Katy Lomas

Bernadette’s book could not have come at a more apt time in my life. Each short chapter is a beautiful reminder that we all have the inner wisdom to guide ourselves in a way that serves us and the world best. Thank you for sharing your insight in such an honest and truthful way.

Jaspreet Garg.

The Barefoot sanctuary See your future vision board workshop/

I had no idea at the time that my vision board would have such an impact on where our life has led to. The values, the magazine cutouts I chose that day, have filtered into our daily living. The flowers, the beach, living simply and living life to the full. Setting the intention and small reminders have led us there.

Sam Gray -Bloom

The Barefoot Sanctuary 1-2-1 vision board experience.

“Bernadette has such a beautiful energy and her skill and experience has been a wonderful support and a guiding light for me. I have enjoyed her group vision board sessions, but at the start of 2020 I treated myself to a 121 session. It was amazing to have a personal deep dive into my vision for 2020, with meditations and process work to help me identify what was most important to me. It helped me cope with the last few months of lockdown. Thanks Bernadette, and The Barefoot Sanctuary.”

Jen Wood Wellbeing

The Barefoot Sanctuary 1-2-1 Coaching experience.

“Working with Bernadette has allowed me to move forward in my life with greater self belief, clarity and positivity. By being carefully and professionally led through counselling sessions I always felt empowered and lighter. I can now move on using the tools and understanding that my experience with Bernadette left me with.”

Angela Stark.

Covid-19 Safety at The Barefoot Sanctuary

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