That scary thing might not happen.

by | May 28, 2021

Dear Barefoot Soul,

Is something keeping you stuck in the dark?

I recorded this audio last night whilst on Facebook live – it was an interesting experience of camera and audio production. The new community group is called The Barefoot Sanctuary Talks, so if you feel the pull come and join in as there will be lots of extra goodness coming your way via this group. Also look out for more updates via next weeks newsletter.

What I didn’t mention in the recording, and why it was later in the evening, was that I had just returned from my one year follow up, post breast cancer. I realised the irony after I finished the recording.

‘That scary thing that might not happen’.

Because of the inner work I’ve been doing over the past 12 years, my mind was in the main (of course I had my moments) under control throughout my cancer experience. ‘That scary thing that might not happen’, can consume people and send them into total panic, like I talk about with my wasp sting in this latest audio.

Last night I got an all clear, which feels very apt as we begin to reopen The Barefoot Sanctuary. It was on the day that I closed it for the first lockdown last March that I was diagnosed. The Doctor commented on how well my body had recovered from both the surgery and radiotherapy- I attribute that to the essential medicine of sea swimming, nature, and mindfulness, ie leaning on Source.

We are hardwired to lean, so I’m choosing to lean on that.

With love until the next time.

psst – next Friday’s June 4th sea and me event still has spaces- is one meant for you?


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