What I know for sure….

by | Mar 17, 2021

First of all Happy St Patricks day!

What a year. On this day last year I found out I had breast cancer. I said HAD. I feel very blessed and well, and understanding this more and more.

I know understand why this is going out to you today. I had some tech gremlins yesterday. It hadn’t even occured to me what date today was. There truly is no such thing as coincidence after all.

Last week I got the chance to speak on Ignite podcast by Anne Hughes. As many of you know if you’ve read my book Permission To Shine Glasgow has played a bit part in my journey. I love speaking with Glasgow women about this kind of thing because my time in Glasgow was so formative.

Anne’s Podcast is full of many great conversations and this is apparently what I knew for sure that day.

On a different day I may have said something else but I do trust life so here is my offering. I’d love to hear about what you know for sure and how it helps you.

Last week someone asked me for podcast recommendations, so just for you, is a sneak peak at my phone. In no particular order these are the ones I have been diving into.

If you have any recommendations I’d love to hear.

I’ll be in touch again soon.


With love and thanks


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